Seattle Tantra Seminars

Tantra as a Science

Tantra is a science, a religion, and a philosophy. Tantra is an acknowledgement, a study, and the practice of life force energies. Energy is an integral aspect of our universe, often ignored while attention is directed to the material forms. When we discuss the "spiritual world" we are referring to the energetics of the universe, both the energies inherent in matter, and the energies of life itself.

The study and practice of Tantra is far more understandable in relationship to physiological psychology and quantum physics than often confused and confounded religious concepts. In our definitions spirituality and materiality are not separate. It is now over 100 years since Max Planck coined the term "relativity" and Einstein's work revealed an intimate connection between energy and matter.

Neils Bohr, in the book, "In Search of Schroedinger's Cat" wrote, "If you are not shocked by the concepts of quantum physics, you do not understand them." If the principles of Tantra are viewed from a quantum perspective, rather than a "classical" physics perspective, those principles are far easier to define and understand.

Physiologists have identified at least 11 human sensory systems, while many of us are aware of (and hence employing) only 5. As a spiritual philosophy Tantra is about enlightened understanding. Enlightened understanding is not an esoteric concept, rather one that requires enhanced awareness. Both an understanding of the physics of our universe and an understanding of human perception are key to this enhanced awareness.

In practice Tantra is an integration of sensory systems to restore the balance of essential being, much as we experienced as children. Jesus said, "Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." The kingdom of heaven is a state of conscious awareness that is the true meditation.

In our understanding, the energetic aspect of our universe is what is often referred to as the "spiritual" aspect. The famous equation E=mc2 suggests that matter and energy are really only different forms. It is far less esoteric to think of the spiritual world as the pure energetics of our universe than a deity or group of deities. These deific concepts were defined by our mystics in order to explain aspects and interrelationships in our universe, not to encourage our worship and adoration of fabled beings in fairy tale dimensions.

Similarly, Tantra is not about defining new sexual techniques, nor humming on Chakras, nor banging gongs and cymbals, nor how to have better sex, nor how to enjoy life more, however fun and magical these practices seem. Tantra is also not about prolonging or controlling orgasm, or breath "work", or eye gazing. These behaviors may accompany a Tantric practice, but they do nothing to guide someone into the realms of Tantra. They may be classic manifestations of a Tantric union, not a method to achieve that union.

As in all religions and technique oriented "self help" work, these practices put the proverbial cart before the horse. When you are in a Tantric union with a lover, your breathing will synchronize, you may gaze into each others eyes, you may relax into the aroused state, your heart rates may even entrain. However, trying to "get there" through these exercises is like attempting to breathe heavy to exercise. When you esercise you will most likely breathe heavy, but you cannot exercise your body simply by altering your breath patterns.

Tantra is about flowing with the current of life itself, like floating downstream, there is no "control" or alteration of the present moment awareness. There is no desire to change what is occurring, nor what state of consciousness is arising.

Tantra re-defined states that the practice and study of Tantra reacquaints an individual with the source of the energy that, through them, manifests as conscious awareness. We are living, breathing, sensing, behaving, and creative beings. This "beingness" is a manifestation of the life energies, unique and miraculous energies that animate us and distinguish us from inanimate matter like sand and soil, water and air.

Yes, it is very true, when one is reacquainted with these life energies, the sensation is highly arousing. The arousal, if the individual is studying and practicing, however is one of the entire being. The intellect is aroused, the heartfelt compassion is aroused, the true will is aroused, creativity is aroused, as well as the sensual channels.

Integrated Tantra defines a new way to look at Tantra and the relationship of spirituality to the full extent of the lifespan. Tantra is a perspective that embraces the present moment, right here and right now, not a solution to the fear of death. "Divinity" is an energetic concept. A being is "divine" when that being is expressing the energies of life in unconditional love, compassion, creative intelligence, true humility, and gratitude.

We all have the capacity to express this divinity and hence to understand and embrace spiritual realities. The fairy tales of our "classical" understandings of God, the angels, and heaven are beginning to collapse under the burden of scientific discovery and enhanced insight and understanding. This site will show how all religions, including agnosticism and atheism, can find similarities in their philosophies rather than differences through a Tantric understanding.

Jesus said it, he said "I and the Father are one", when scolded by the religious leaders he pointed out the Old Testament scripture that affirmed "You are all gods". They did not understand him then and they certainly do not understand him now. We are all composed of the divine energy, the life force energies that have their source, not in a fabled heaven somewhere in another place or dimension, but in the heaven of our inner being, the empty space of consciousness.

A new age of enlightenment is manifesting, the current "dark ages" are coming to an end. The concept of God as the aspect of energy in our world is being understood and the current idolatrous religions are being exposed. Our universe is composed of particles of matter, space, and energy. The world we live in is one where there is an interaction between the matter and the energy that mirrors the interaction between the material world and the spiritual world.

All matter is composed of energy to some degree, even a common stone, or a drop of water contain a hug amount of energy. Living beings have a unique form of this energy, that is what animates and enables the expression we see as behavior. In the Tantric philosophy God is the life energies within all sentient beings. The source of this life energy is not outside us, i.e. "God in heaven" but something the quantum physicists call the "zero point field", or the "unified field".

Interestingly enough, Einstein thought he had quantified this field in his special theory of relativity, and then in 1917 he realized he had not.

He spent the rest of his life, never accomplishing the objective. Current physicists are equally mystified and have no workable theory to test any hypothesis concerning this field.

Classical physics, what we call the Newtonian paradigm, supports a view that powers and energies exist outside of ourselves. Hence, the notion that God is in heaven (outside of ourselves) is supported.

However, the discoveries and logic of quantum physics, which will replace Newtonian physics in 10-20 years or so, supports that the energies (and hence "god") are contained within each physical form. This form can take the shape of a star, a planet, a human being, a crystal, an insect, the air, even a common stone.

This is what Tantra study and practice is all about, the understanding of the source of life energy within, and the expression of that life in all its fullness as human compassion, unconditional love, the uniqueness of creativity, and the depth of intellect.