Tantra and Linearity

This article is in process, however the basic concept is that our world is not linear, though our thought processes are. The linearity of our thought processes project this linear perspective on our world. This linear perspective is then reflected back to us as our "reality".

For example, we assume that the actions we express in the present effect the future. We do not accept the notion, and might call it absurd, that our actions in the present might also effect the past. Open minded people might allow for this in discussion but not in the perspective of their world.

How would we know what effect our present actions may have on the past?

In addition, when we think of the passage of time in a linear manner, we are ascribing characteristics to time. We do not know what time is, nor whether it is merely a construct without any physical existence.

How then can we ascribe characteristics to time? The answer lies in our arrogance and ignorance.