Seattle Tantra Classes, Workshops, and Seminars

Tantra Classes in Seattle

Seattle Tantra presents classes for all levels of Tantra on Monday and Thursday evenings. Our teachers are both Tantra and Reiki masters and have years of Tantra practice and experience.

Each of our classes are 1/2 discussion and philosophical and 1/2 experiential. Classes are focused on personal growth, couples that would like to increase their intimacy and sexuality, and individuals that would like to enhance their relationships in general.

The practice and study of Tantra and the enhancement of conscious awareness that results from that study, can help you discover more intimate and fulfilling relationships.

Our classes focus on the life energy as it is experienced and expressed through the human form. For a definition of Tantra that is accurate and comprehensive please see our Tantra as a Science page.

Tantra Workshops in Seattle

Seattle Tantra organizes and presents workshops in the Seattle area. These workshops are open to couples and individuals that want to learn about Tantra and explore intimacy and sexuality in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Our workshops are intelligent, sensual, and interactive. Observers of the process are usually invited to participate in many different ways throughout the workshop.

Tantra Seminars in Seattle

Seattle Tantra cooperates with other groups to present Tantra seminars on the Seattle area. Please email us for a schedule of workshops and seminars.

Contact Seattle Tantra

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