Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tantra a Religion?

Yes, traditional Tantra is a religious or spiritual study. Unlike other religions, Tantra enhances all faiths and has been incorporated into the beliefs of Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Tantra study and practice does not require a conversion as the focus is on the life force energies as they are expressed from within the being and outward into the world.

As such, Tantra does not have to define the source of these energies. Some may consider the source to be God, others the universe itself. Many, however, perceive the source of these energies as within the sentient being. Even more important is that the source of these energies are shared by all living beings. According to this belief, this is what connects us all, a principle found in all major world religions.

Is Tantra About Sex?

Only in as much as life and its expression throughout the lifespan is about sex. There are seven major channels of the life force energy, the sexual channel is only one of these, though Tantra encourages the integration of each of the seven with each other. The seven channels as Seattle Tantra defines them are:

1. Spirituality and Intelligence

2. Insight and Intuition

3. Language and Communication

4. Love and Compassion

5. Will and Personal Power

6. Sex and Procreation

7. Self Esteem and Humility

Do you teach Tantra classes?

Classes are held periodically in our space for small groups, couples and individuals. These group classes are open by invitation only. Anyone may schedule private and semi-private classes at other times. Classes - $275 per person, $375 for a couple. Group classes are by invitation only to individuals who have first experienced at least one consultation or session. Private and semi-private classes are open to everyone and scheduled when convenient for you.

Consultations - $100 per hour but free of donation when a 90 minute session is scheduled.

When are you available?

We schedule appointments when it is convenient for you normally between 11am and 11pm. Evening appointments are best scheduled earlier in the day so we can prepare for you. When you email, let us know what day and time works for you and we will try to accommodate your request. We are available 7 days a week, and often on holidays. We usually answer emails and the telephone from 10am until about 10pm every day. What is your screening process?

We ask that you email us a brief introduction. This introduction should include your name, where you work, your interests, relationship status/issues, your contact email and phone (and how you prefer to be contacted), what brings you to us, and anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.

We ask that you call or email the evening before your appointment to confirm the time and we will send directions to our space.

Where are you located?

Our space is located on a bluff above the water in Seattle. We are only a few minutes from downtown. When you schedule an appointment we will give you easy to follow directions via email or phone, and guide you in on your cell phone when you are on your way.

Is there nudity in your classes, and workshops?

Nudity is an option but not necessary in our practice and teachings. Again, nudity is not a requirement, though it is a highly attractive option for most people. Sarongs are often worn in the space, this is encouraged and respected. Nudity is the natural state when we enter this world, and being nude enhances accordance with nature and our natural state of blissful consciousness. Clothes hide the being in many ways, they support the shame of exposure and lack of comfort with body image.

We encourage progress beyond the shame of exposure and lack of comfort with body image to a state of self confidence and dignity, as well as the integration of the whole of an individual. Clothing covers and insulates the majority of the highly sensitive skin sense that, when awakened, can help to lead the body into a state of enhanced awareness and its connection to the mind and the greater whole of being itself.

The sense of skin surface is a complex of highly developed sensory systems capable of detecting both the subtle vibrations and energy of other sentient beings and material forms, and the subtle energy of the life force flowing through your body. These sensations habituate and are insulated by the constant wearing of clothing throughout the day.

Do you work with couples or individuals?

Yes, we work with both couples and individuals, and we also work with small mixed gender groups, or alternative family arrangements.

Do the practitioners answer emails?

Yes, we publish email addresses for detailed inquiries to all three practitioners.

Please feel free to suggest questions for this page, email: