Tantra and Non Duality

Tao Te Ching Section 58:

Bad fortune rests within good fortune
Good fortune hides within bad fortune
Oh the things that heaven sends
Who can know their final aim?
Who can tell of their endless ways?

Section 73:

Good fortune, bad fortune
One seems to bring benefit, the other to cause harm
But heaven rejects both views
Both views, in the end, tether one to this world
Who can know the reasons of heaven?
Who can know its endless ways?

"Endless ways" may be interpreted as the interconnectedness of all things. The "Great Form" is that source of beingness that we are all an expression of. The "Great Form" is the source of all life and the flow of life which manifests itself in our lives as events. We judge each of these events as "desirable" or "undesirable".

The main point of these sections is that the categorization of "desirable" and "undesirable" is a difficult, if not impossible, one to make. And that this tendency causes suffering and keeps us "tethered to this world", or conditioned to the dualistic programming that limits our creative intelligence.

If we walk outside and our car does not start, we immediately classify that as "undesirable" and often may react negatively, causing turmoil to ourselves and those around us. Now if the reason the car does not start is that the teenager did not fill the gas tank, all hell may break loose with scolding, and blaming, even threats and punishment.

The fact that the car does not start is an event that "heaven sends" and we have no way to know the future connectedness of that event. Our minds may go toward the reflection that perhaps a fatal car crash was inevitable that day, had we drove ourselves to our destination. The empty gas tank "saving" us from that event.

This reflection is based on the fact that we consider the fatal car crash to be "undesirable" and the "saving" from that to be "desirable". Even the tendency of the mind to move in this direction is based on the conditioned duality that is keeping us in a coma, much the same way that Neo was hooked into the Matrix.

The angelic message is that, "Gratitude is the only appropriate response to whatever arises in our lives."

Whatever happens, if we react with gratitude instead of judgment, we will be in a calmer, more peaceful place to respond in appropriate action to the event, rather than the knee jerk reaction that brings pain and suffering to ourselves and those we love.