Tantra for Couples

Our process for couples involves assisting them to enhance and re-establish intimacy. Our approach is to work toward reawakening the freedom of expression in the sensual realm. In our youth, we were more adventurous, had less reservations, and were able to be more open and less vulnerable in our relationships.

Many of the self imposed restrictions to our freedom fall under a general category of conditioned responses. For example, gender bias is often expressed as, "I would not like the touch of someone of the same gender". Suppose you were blindfolded and did not know who was touching you, are you sure you would be able to discern male hands from female hands? This is what we mean by "conditioning", it is something we learn to regard as desirable and undesirable, all such pairs of opposites encourage us to seek that which we judge as desirable and avoid what we judge as undesirable. The excellent substance of life often spans the entire range of these polar extremes.

This is exactly how our self imposed restrictions evolve, through our conditioning, much like a computer program, our emotions, behavior, and experience then becomes a factor of this conditioning or program, rather than a response to the flow of life.

Some of these restrictions fall into these general categories:

Gender bias

Body image

Sensuality restricted to marriage

Separation of spirituality and sensuality