The Expression of Life Energy

Tantra and Reiki affirm that the human expression of the energy of life is through channels of expression often called Chakras. For ease of understanding there are seven major channels that cover a range of human expression. The expression of the life energy through these channels is very much like the refraction of light through a prism, the expressions are like a rainbow of behavior.

In the practice and study of Tantra and Reiki the life energy is practiced to be actually felt as it is expressed though the body. These sensations affirm the presence and awesome power of this life energy. When a human being is reacquainted with the sensations of this life energy the experience is an arousing and powerful experience.

The Chakra system helps to define both the expression of these energies and the way they are expressed. The essential nature of a human being is spiritual, intelligently creative, communicative, loving, embracing, sensual, and humble. These seven characteristics are the seven aspects of open, developed, and integrated Chakras.

We can feel the sensations as these energies are expressed through the Chakras, the more open, developed, and integrated they are, the more intense the sensations. It is the universal human experience to sense love and grief in the heart area, frustrations and challenges to our will in the stomach area, sexual energy in the groin area. These are just three examples of the sense of the life energies as they are expressed through these Chakra channels.

Imagine a prism that is dull and fogged, both the refraction of light and the resulting rainbow would be dull and fogged as well. In fact, when the human Chakras are closed or not full open, the energy cannot express in its pure form. The expression of the human becomes less spiritual, less intelligently creative, less communicative, etc. Traditional techniques to open, clear, and align the Chakras often do not address the issues as the basic understanding of the what Chakras are and what closes them.

The only thing that closes Chakras is what is called conditioning. When the human being becomes unconsciously conditioned through education, religion, the media, our language, our parents and friends, even our own experience, conscious expression of the life energy through the Chakras becomes obstructed.

One of the best ways to open the Chakras is to realize the learned strategies that have replaced the natural expression of the life energy through you. This is a cognitive process and does not benefit any external technique. As we begin to freely express the life energy we can sense the flow and this is both affirming and reinforcing.


The Source of Life Energy

According to the Tao Te Ching the source of all energy is the Tao, the void existing throughout and permeating everything in the universe, this void is between the stars, planets, and the atomic particles. This void is also the very center of every sentient being, and every material form. The nature of the void may very well reveal the limits of the human mind as both Einstein and the most brilliant of the modern physicists have been unable to quantify nor define it.

Joao Magueijo, awarded a research fellowship at St John's College, Cambridge, the same fellowship previously held by Paul Dirac and Abdus Salam, writes concerning Einstein's confusion: "He thus restored nothingness to the nothing (as he dispensed with the ages old "ether" theory), voidness to the void. And then (in 1917) he was reversing himself completely, asking whether one could ascribe some sort of existence to the void after all, so that the void could produce gravity. Could nothing be something?"

The late Richard Feynman, an American physicist known for the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as work in particle physics (he proposed the parton model). For his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. A quote of his relating to the void and gravity:

"The theory of gravitation... was not understandable from the laws of motion... gravitation is, so far, not understandable in terms of other phenomenon... So not only have we no experiments with which to check a quantum theory of gravitation, we also have no reasonable theory."

The void is not space, within space is what we call distance and requires time to traverse from one place to another. The void is far different. Within the void there is nothing, not even time and space. If you were to enter the void on Earth, for example, you could immediately re-enter any place in the universe. This example portrays the inexplicability of this void.

According to the Tao Te Ching, understood more as a physics treatise than a religion or philosophy, the void is the plenum from which all creative energy flows. Not the creationist's theory of an event thousands of years ago, nor the evolutionist's theory of an event that occurred billions of years ago; the creativity that flows from the plenum of the void is perpetual, it is happening right now, in the present moment.

Sentient beings have centers of expression that have been called Chakras, centers through which the energy emanating from this source is expressed. Chakras are merely metaphors, they do not exist as such, however the centers of energy and their location are experiential. We can sense when these centers are open, when they are closed, when they are challenged, and when they are developed and expressive.

The energy proceeds from the Tao within and flows through each Chakra when that Chakra is open. When the Chakra is open and developed the expression is virtue. The linear paradigm that suggests that there is an outer source of the life energy (god, the universe) supports the notion that energy comes in through the heart, and/or crown, and/or base Chakra and flows through the body. This paradigm may very well be an artifact of the theological position that god is a deity, and entity existing in another world or dimension, monitoring our behavior, and blessing us or cursing us.

This paradigm no longer serves us and a new understanding must be considered. An understanding that incorporates the expanded quantum sense of the universe. The enhanced quantum paradigm and a clearer understanding of our universe supports the view that the energy is within each of us and flows through the Chakras out into the world as expression in behavior, appearance, and language. We are the expression of god in the universe, indeed we are an expression of the universe and we are composed of the same elements of the stars; the same void, space, particles, and energy.

Chakra Development

When the Chakras are open and developed the expression is virtuous and life affirming. The opening and development of Chakras is within the realm of experiential Tantra. The practices and techniques that we use in our Tantra sessions awaken the cellular components of the body and integrate the body as well as the body/mind organism. This awakening encourages the opening of the Chakra channels.

Development of Chakras occurs when the individual begins to sense the flow of life from within their body and through the Chakras, into the world as language and behavior. Advanced Tantra techniques can be introduced that enable one individual to weave and blend their subtle energies and vibrations with another's. When the conditioned self, or ego, modifies this behavior and language the Chakras may be open but development is delayed until the essential nature of the individual is acknowledged and expressed.

When the Chakras are open and developed we tend to live in a present moment reality full of bliss, joy, and contentment. There is no desire to move from that reality, no split mind judgments of desirable or undesirable.

A good example of this is how we tend to experience arousal. Arousal is something we seek to experience, however as soon as we get there we desire release from that state of being. A Tantric perspective is that the state of arousal is something to be cultivated and relax into, to embrace in the present moment without desire or motive.